Jessica Ivry

Cellist, Vocalist, Teacher

A.J. McCaffrey

“To me, she is a true 21st Century musician, one who is technically accomplished, versatile, eclectic in taste, collaborative, and passionate about being an ambassador for music and engaging fully with a diverse audience.”

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Alisa Rose

“Jess is also a great teacher – together we have taught improvisation workshops together as well as given educational performances for children. In both cases, her attention to detail makes our workshops and performances better – she makes sure the concepts we present are tied together to a theme, and that our wording is clear View Full →

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Boyd Jarrell

“I think it is most important that educators bring their classical backgrounds into the real world, and Jessica is a great example of this. Her enthusiasm for everything from classical to cutting edge is a strong and positive influence on her many students.”

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Kari Prindl

“Jessica makes what seems impossible to do, very possible. She is an excellent observer, there’s not much that she misses, and she is careful to illustrate what a piece of music is about as well as understanding the era from which it comes. I think she is profoundly musical and aware of what is going View Full →

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Irene Sazer

“Jessica is a beautiful cellist. She is extremely diverse in her stylistic abilities, but is also an expressive and accomplished classical player.She is a gifted communicator and has a natural and innate sense of music.”

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